Facebook brings activity log to mobile devices so users can delete stories and check privacy settings

Facebook recently added an activity log feature to some mobile devices, allowing users to see all their recent activity, verify their privacy settings and delete individual stories.

Activity log was a key new feature that came with the introduction of Timeline, but was not translated to mobile until recently. Facebook did not tell us when it made the change or how widely it is available, but we expect it to eventually be available for all users because it is an important tool for users to manage their activity while they are away from a computer. With more mobile apps integrating Open Graph and publishing stories to News Feed and Timeline, it is increasingly necessary for users to be able to control what gets posted on their behalf. So far we’ve seen the activity log in Facebook’s mobile site and iOS app, but we did not have the option in the Android app, however, some users get access to features at different times.

The activity log is accessible from a user’s mobile Timeline. Beneath the cover photo is a row of tabs, including “About,” “Photos” and “Friends.” Swiping to the left across these tabs reveals more tabs, including one labeled “Activity Log.” The feature is also presented when users visit “Timeline Review” after a friend tags them in a photo or checks them into a location.

From the mobile activity log, users can see the privacy setting associated with each action they took on the social network or with a Facebook-connected app. On desktop, users can change their privacy settings from activity log, but this does not seem to be the case with the mobile version. Instead, Facebook simply gives users the option to delete a story completely by clicking the circle next to the story. This seems to be a way to balance offering necessary control while maintaining a more lightweight experience on mobile devices.


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