Facebook Begins Listing Deals On The Site

Want to know what all the Facebook deals are that are in your area? Facebook is listing some of the deals in geographic regions via their deals overview page.

Grind Cafe Deal ScreenshotWant to know what all the Deals are in your area? Facebook is listing some of them in geographic regions via a new deals overview page.

While not a comprehensive listing of all deals, it’s definitely an interesting feature and we hope that the company continues to improve this tool. Right now the page is being used as part of the company’s effort to spread awareness about Facebook Places and Deals and how small businesses can leverage those products. In other words it’s more of a marketing resource than a tool for users.

Previously we suggested to Facebook that it would be useful to have a comprehensive resource for all local Deals, however it wasn’t clear that there were any plans to roll one out for users. Clearly, the common way of thinking about location products currently involves Deals as an incentive for users to check-in. While we have no data to suggest that this incentive has successfully driven more users to check-in, Facebook claims that it’s been pleased with early results of the company’s Places product.

Yesterday we posted that Facebook is expanding Deals and Places to all of Europe, which may be a driving force behind rolling out the Deals promotion page now. We’ll be sure to post updates as Facebook continues their push to expand Places and Deals.