Facebook Automatically Displays Couple Photos When Users Become Engaged

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon as some of my Facebook friends become engaged: a photo of the couple is displayed along with the story about the couple’s new “engaged” relationship status. It’s a subtle change but it’s a nice touch by Facebook as a photo always helps a story resonate with readers. The new engaged story update has appeared to come with the updated homepage design.

There’s a chance that Facebook also displays a couple’s photo when they make the Facebook relationship official, however I have yet to see such stories in my news feed. Facebook has made the rules of relationships more complicated as couples now need to determine when, if ever, is a good time for placing their relationship status for all to see. Some users have chosen to avoid the complexity by not displaying a status at all.

Others, prefer posting their relationship status in order to solidify the commitment by each partner. Whichever side you fall on when it comes to displaying your relationship status, keep in mind that next time you decide to become “Facebook official” (see definition), Facebook will automatically notify your friends along with a photo of you and your significant other.

Do you prefer to post your relationship status on Facebook? Do you think couples should make their status public?

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