Facebook Applies for “0.” Logo Trademark

On May 18, the day that 0.facebook.com launched, Facebook also filed to trademark the logo for the fast-loading and free mobile service.

“The mark consists of the number zero and a dot in white with dark blue outline and shading, all contained within a lighter blue box with rounded corners,” according to the trademark filing. In other words, the logo included at the top right of the post.

The description for the goods and services covered in the application:

Computer software development tools; Computer software for use as an application programming interface (API); Application programming interface (API) for computer software which facilitates online services for social networking, building social networking applications and for allowing data retrieval, upload, download, access and management; Computer software to enable uploading, downloading, accessing, posting, displaying, tagging, blogging, streaming, linking, sharing or otherwise providing ele [sic]

The 0.facebook.com site is intended to get Facebook in the hands of more mobile users, and get those users buying mobile data plans from their local carriers. It allows users to access some text-based features of the Facebook site without having a data plan, including publishing status updates and reading news feeds. However, Photos and other parts of the site won’t display unless users pay their carriers to get access.