Facebook To Launch New Application Directory And Application Profile Pages

Many developers have been rushing to create public profile pages for their applications when the new public profiles launched over a month ago. It appears that developers will no longer need to worry about having separate public profiles from their application page. Today Facebook will announce the launch of an updated version of application profile pages in addition to the redesign of the application directory.

Here are a few of the coming updates:

  • Improved Categories: Facebook has decided to change the categories that developers are allowed to use for their applications. While many of the previous ones will continue to exist there are many new ones.
  • Updated application Profile Pages: This is the biggest change. Application about pages will now look like public profiles. In theory you could have applications added on to your application about page if I understand this correctly. Most important is the ability to post status updates into users’ feeds. This is a huge new distribution channel for applications.
  • Visibility for Verified Apps: As I wrote the other day, Facbeook is in the process of rolling out the verified applications. This new directory will make those verified applications more visible and will provide higher prioritization. The applications will then redirect to the new application profile pages.
  • Stream of Application Stories: According to Facebook, “On the homepage of the new directory, users will see a stream of stories that their friends are generating from applications. This stream will expose applications in a socially-relevant way and help the millions of users who visit the Application Directory each month stay updated with their friends’ activity on Facebook.”

Many developers have been awaiting an updated application directory and now they’ll receive it. The transformation of application pages into public profile pages is a pretty big announcement. This will most definitely change the dynamic between public profiles and applications. Should brands create an application and drive their users to their application public profile page, or should they create public profiles and install applications within those profiles?

This is one of many questions that will be answered by brand managers over the coming weeks. One thing is for certain though: many applications owners will be extremely happy about the new ability to post to feeds on behalf of the application, not just users. The new application directory and profile pages will launch in the “coming weeks” according to Facebook.