Facebook Announcing the fPhone Tomorrow?

Definitely not! There is however a ton of speculation as to what Facebook will be announcing. Facebook is under a lot of pressure to produce as the company slowly constricts developers with restrictive new policies and according to Kara Swisher, there will be a new “preferred” status for select partners. The first two partners according to Kara are the Causes application and iLike. If in fact true, we may soon see more backlash from the developer community. Unfortunately we won’t know all the details until tomorrow.

Facebook is expected to announce a number of things including the official launch of the new profile, Facebook Connect and the potential for a number of other things including:

  • Payment platform – There has been a lot of buzz that Facebook would be announcing a payment platform but it’s looking like Facebook won’t be making that announcement tomorrow unfortunately. While it is known that a payment platform will be launched eventually, it will most likely not be tomorrow.
  • New Mobile Platform – Facebook rolled out the second version of their iPhone application within a week of the iPhone app platform launching. Is there a third mobile version which empowers developers to build more robust mobile applications? No details on this but there is definitely a lot of speculation.
  • Extended API Features – Nobody has mentioned this yet but where are the APIs for Groups, Pages and Events on Facebook? So far nobody has mentioned this but I think access to these two things would have substantial implications. At this point, this is just a guess!

So all we have is speculation at this point about most of what will be announced. One things is for sure thought: tomorrow will be a big day for Facebook. We will be on the scene giving up to the minute coverage so stay tuned! In the mean time, what do you think Facebook will be announcing?

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