Facebook announces Mobile DevCon series coming to New York, London, Seoul

mobile devFacebook today announced a new technical conference series for mobile developers to learn about incorporating Facebook into their apps and to connect with engineers and product managers from the platform team.

Mobile DevCon 2013 will take place in New York on April 18, London on May 2, and Seoul on May 7. The conference is free, but developers must apply to attend and space is limited. Facebook says this is a “highly technical event” that will dive “deep in product and code.”

Topics for the conference include how to implement Facebook’s mobile SDKs to drive installs and engagement, using Facebook Login, Open Graph best practices, creating social mobile games, design and product tips, as well as a look at the tools, libraries and techniques Facebook uses to build its own mobile applications. The company says insights from Fab.com, GetGlue, Zeebox, EyeEm and other mobile developers will be part of the agenda. At the end of the day, developers will have opportunities to speak one-on-one with Facebook employees about their apps.

In December 2012, the company announced that nearly 200,000 iPhone and Android apps connect with Facebook. However, many people still think about the Facebook platform being distinct from mobile. Although Facebook does offer a vertical platform where apps can be used within the Facebook.com canvas, it’s also possible for Facebook to be integrated horizontally across any other platform, including iOS, Android and the mobile web. What the company is trying to do now is convince developers why they should integrate their apps with Facebook. Many mobile developers report greater engagement and monetization from Facebook-connected users. Integrating Facebook enables an developer to run mobile app install ads in the Facebook feed and be featured in App Center.

An intimate conference setting could help the social network better convey these points than with blog posts. Facebook also recently launched Developers Live, a resource for developers to find news, tutorials, speaking sessions and other videos about building apps on the platform. The company is also making an effort to improve its developer documentation with automatic updates generated from the platform’s source code.