Facebook for Android 1.6.1 Lets You Post to, Search For, and Tag Pages

Facebook recently updated its Android native mobile app, adding several ways to interact with Pages in version 1.6.1. Users can now see a list of Pages they’re an administrator of, and post updates as these Pages, allowing the app to be used as a Page management tool. All users can now see a list of Pages they Like, search for Pages, and tag Pages in their status updates.

With its 32 million daily active users, these additional capabilities should assist with Page growth since it will be easier for users to find, share, and engage with Pages.

Facebook for Android has been experiencing strong and steady growth recently, gaining 3.6 million DAU this month. For comparison, in the same time span Facebook for iPhone has seen erratic growth and only gained 1.2 million DAU despite being more popular with a total DAU of 45.8 million.

The last update, Facebook for Android 1.6, allowed users to upload videos and browse Page walls. Before then, the only way users could interact with Pages was by seeing their updates in the news feed. This meant the app lagged significantly behind the Facebook for iPhone app in terms of Page management capabilities. Android users would have to visit m.facebook.com to view Pages they Liked, search for Pages, or post to them.

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