Facebook Squeezes A Sixth Ad Into Many Users' Screens

Facebook is displaying as many as six ads in the right-hand column of many users' screens.

And then there were six … advertisements in the right-hand column of many Facebook users’ screens.

BlitzLocal Chief Executive Officer Dennis Yu pointed out the extra ad, saying that Facebook expanded from four ads to five in January.

Expanding to as many as six advertisements seems like a move intended to boost revenue prior to the social network’s potential initial public offering, Yu suggested.

Note that whether you see six ads — versus fewer — can depend on whether your profile has enough keywords in it that advertisers have bid on, however.

If you’re in the habit of regularly flagging ads for being irrelevant, for instance, you might have less than six ads showing up in the right-hand column.

Readers, how many ads to you see on the right side of your Facebook screen?