Facebook ads API partner AdStage announces Series A funding, campaign automation

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AdStage, a Facebook ads API partner, announced Wednesday the launch of campaign automation — as well as a $6.25 million round of Series A funding.

Now through the Automated Rules app, built on the AdStage API, advertisers can automate their campaign management tasks across campaigns, ad groups and keywords to optimize performance around the clock. Through the app, advertiser can choose the type of automations they’d like to make, define the conditions and set a schedule. The app handles bidding, day-parting, pausing, enabling and budget changes and runs in the background even when the advertiser is offline.

Sahil Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of AdStage, commented on the automation capabilities:

We’re incredibly excited to add campaign automation to our suite of apps. We were inspired by the simplicity and brilliance of the automation rules IFTTT created and wanted to do the same for ad campaign management. It’s a huge step forward toward our vision of easy online advertising. We’re helping advertisers create their own custom algorithms to meet their goals with a simple self-serve interface.

AdStage also announced a $6.25 million round of Series A funding, with investments from Verizon Ventures, Digital Garage, Newbury Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Chris Noble and Neal Dempsey of Bay Partners, who is known for his investments in Guidewire and Eloqua.

With this investment, AdStage will be able to grow its team of 17 employees in its new 4,500-square foot headquarters in San Francisco, as well as accelerate growth in major ad networks.

Mark Smith, Executive Director of Verizon Ventures, explained in a press release why his company made the investment:

Verizon Ventures looks for energetic entrepreneurs whose innovations complement Verizon’s networks, service platforms and distribution channels. AdStage is enthusiastic about developing new ways to help businesses advertise across channels and devices, and we are pleased to welcome them to our portfolio.

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