Facebook Adds Quirky New Feature

This week Facebook added an interesting feature to the new profile design. Apparently there is now a link which states “Write something about yourself.” As pictured to the left, you simply click on it, type something and save it. That’s all there is to the feature! Facebook has a history of having “easter egg” features as well as quirky additions. This new feature appears to be a quirky one. Given that there are already statuses on Facebook, why would users add something about themselves that is practically irrelevant?

Does Facebook plan on adding whatever a user enters in this box into the search results? No word as of yet and technically there is no guarantee that Facebook will even keep this feature. Facebook has yet to roll out their new profile and as of now there is no telling when the new profile will finally be released as there continues to be last minute changes and bugs being worked out. For the time being, the new feature is simply an added quirk and another unknown about what will be launching once the new profile is finally ready to go.

Have you found any other interesting quirks in the new profile design?