Facebook Adds "In This Album" Feature to Photos

This evening I attended the fourth D.C. Techcocktail and when I returned I logged into Facebook and an entire album of photos from the night had already been uploaded and tagged appropriately. What I also noticed was a new feature that I hadn’t seen before: the ability to see what other users were tagged within that album. The feature also lets you view the specific photos that any individual has been tagged in.

It’s a small change but for Facebook it’s a huge upgrade given that they are currently the most popular photo sharing site on the web. Facebook rarely makes large upgrades to their site but minor ones like this can make all the difference. If you went to an event, it’s frequent that multiple photos will show up in an album but it’s difficult to single out an individual within the album.

While it’s not as big as the first step on the moon, it’s surely one small step that will make a big difference and impact the more than 150 million users on the site. One other great thing about posting your photos is that you still own the content according to Facebook, so upload away and do so on Facebook’s dime!

Also with no way to export your photos from Facebook, there’s a good chance that you’ll be on the site for a long time to come.

One reader says that this feature isn’t new but it sure is for me. Have you seen this feature previously? Let us know if we are off here!