Facebook Adds In-Line Editing For Profiles

In the last week or so, Facebook gave its users the ability to edit basic profile information from within their own profiles, making users’ profiles even more accessible as a basic Facebook “control panel.”

in-line editing of personal information

Currently, only personal information is handled this way. Editing fields show up fairly quickly, and saved changes appear on the profile in seconds. It’s interesting that Facebook doesn’t even add a Save button to the mix; it fits in perfectly, however, with the site’s uncluttered design.

Is this a groundbreaking feature on Facebook? Not really. But it goes to show that Facebook is not slacking off on the job: they’re constantly tweaking their site design to make it more intuitive for their users.

(A similar little tweak, albeit one that has been around for a while, is this: hover your mouse over the “more” link for your applications, and it will expand your menu without a click. Click outside the box, and it will vanish again. Not extremely useful, but still a neat little bit.)