Rory Marinich

FriendFeed versus Facebook's feed

Not long ago, Nick wrote about FriendFeed, which makes a feed out of various internet sites similar to the way Facebook creates feeds out of its applications. He suggested that […]

Facebook Status: Twitter Rival. Could it? Should it?

(via searchengineland) For those of you that don’t know, Twitter is a microblogging site. This means that it allows users to write very short text posts, alerting their friends to […]

Is Facebook a network of networks?

Beyond Facebook, there are several other sites I use frequently. Google, obviously, is necessary for when I want to search and email other people. has slowly become my choice […]

Notes, WYSIWYG, and Clutter

A friend of mine recently posted a note on Facebook explaining why he still chooses to keep a blog for his Facebook friends, rather than just communicate with them via […]

Facebook Polls – Study or Spam?

The blog Uncov had an article this weekend about spam showing up in Facebook’s poll system, mocking Facebook as a site that foolishly let people pay for polls rather than […]

Facebook Adds In-Line Editing For Profiles

In the last week or so, Facebook gave its users the ability to edit basic profile information from within their own profiles, making users’ profiles even more accessible as a […]