Facebook adds Gerry Graf to Creative Council

Facebook’s ad team just got a major boost by adding Gerry Graf — the mind behind Red Stripe’s “Hooray Beer,” campaign, as well as the Kayak brain surgeon commercial — to the Creative Council.

The Creative Council is a cabinet of top ad creative executives from the world’s biggest brands who serve as a sounding board for Facebook’s creative efforts. The Creative Council also serves as judges in the company’s Studio Awards.

Facebook announced the news in a Facebook for Business blog post:

Formerly a chief creative officer at Saatchi and Saatchi NY, Graf is now the founder and chief creative officer of Barton F. Graf 9000 (the name is a mashup of sorts, combining the name of Gerry’s father, Barton, with the BFG 9000, a gun in the game Doom). In just a few years, Gerry and his team have assembled an impressive portfolio of multi-platform work for Dish, Finlandia, Wishbone and many others. The company also offers a very literal mobile website.

All of which goes to explain, at least in part, why we’re delighted to announce that Gerry Graf is the newest member of Facebook’s Creative Council — a group of chief creative officers from the world’s biggest ad agencies organized as a sounding board for identifying top priorities for agency creatives in areas like product, measurement and programs. Council members also serve as the judges for our annual Studio Awards.

Graf discussed with Facebook his mindset toward advertising on the social network:

We study what connections, good or bad, we have with people who use our product and play off of that. We always start with simple static pieces of creative — mini Facebook print ads. They seem to be the best way to stand out in someone’s News Feed. We also operate like a newsroom. Each morning we meet and see what is going on in culture, in the news — is there something we can associate our brands with? We also keep a daily watch on comments and shares, to see which execution is getting sticky and try to fuel the fire.

Image courtesy of Facebook.