Facebook Adds Corey Owens To D.C. Team

Less than one month after the company began fielding inquiries for a couple new job positions at their D.C. office, Facebook has hired Corey Owens, previously the Press Secretary at the Constitution Project, a D.C. privacy group. Until April 1st (this is not a joke according to an email he sent to friends) Corey will be working at the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

Corey announced the new position via an email to friends and via his his Facebook status he wrote:

My Facebook status seems like the right place to do this: In just over a week I’ll be moving down Connecticut Ave to join the good folks at Facebook Washington DC! Truly psyched to work on really pressing issues with an exciting company.

While we aren’t quite sure what the position that Corey has been assigned but the company was previously looking to hire a “Manager of Public Policy” and the other is for a “Public Policy Associate”. While we can’t confirm which position he has been assigned yet, we’ve inquired with the company and will be sure to update once we hear more information.

Andrew Noyes of D.C.’s Facebook office confirmed the new hire, stating that Corey Owens will serve as the “Public Policy Associate”.

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