Facebook Adds City Filter Back To Friends Page

We were seriously frustrated when Facebook removed the ability to find your friends based on their location. There are numerous examples of why you would want to filter by city and not having this feature was nothing short of annoying. Thankfully, Facebook has added the feature back according to an updated posted to the Facebook Page just an hour ago. The feature was first noticed by Eric Eldon.

We were actually in the process of posting an article about 10 reasons why they should add this feature back but within a matter of days, filtering by city is now available again. When you touch down in a different city, it’s extremely valuable to be able to find which friends are in that town. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why this feature was ever removed but now it’s back and their no reason to complain about it not being available.

Today, Facebook has made numerous updates including rolling out Facebook Lite, adding a new version of @ replies to status updates, and open sourcing FriendFeed’s development framework. There’s little else we could have asked for in a jam packed day of news but apparently Facebook didn’t want to stop there. Instead they decided to also add one of the most important features to the site: the ability to sort by geographic region.

Are you happy that the feature has been restored? Is there anything else that you’d like to see added for sorting your friends?