Facebook Adds “Become a Fan” Call to Action for Videos Uploaded to Pages

Facebook has become an increasingly important platform for viral online video distribution, and now Facebook has added a small new feature to its video player that should increase the video viewers-to-page fans conversion rate: a “Become a Fan” overlay button.

The new “Become a Fan” button is a nice call to action that will encourage more people who come across Facebook Page videos to establish a longer term relationship with the Page. In order to see the button, you must mouse over the video player, and you must not already be a fan (or administrator) of the Page. When you mouse over the button itself, it expands to show the full “Become a Fan” call to action text. Here’s how it looks:



Overall, this new feature is an added perk that will encourage more Page administrators to upload more videos to Facebook. It should especially benefit musicians, TV shows, and movie studios, who make heavier use of videos for promotional purposes. It may make sense for some celebrities, producers, and brands to encourage fans to distribute their promo videos using the Facebook player, in order to get more Facebook fans wherever the video is embedded on the web. However, we haven’t seen any analytics from Facebook yet to enable you to measure how successful this new feature is.

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