Facebook Adds Another Way for Users to Share Pages with Friends: Invitations

While content sharing on Facebook is increasingly becoming oriented around the stream, Facebook recently created a new way for users to share Pages with friends. The new “Suggest to Friends” link directly underneath the profile picture now allows users to send Page invitations to their friends.

Now, page administrators can encourage users to share pages with friends via invitations, just like Facebook applications have been able to do for a long time. And while applications are rate limited to usually around 10-20 invitations per user per day, Facebook is not placing any limitations on Page invitations, apparently because Facebook wants more users to become fans of more Pages ASAP.

Here’s how it looks when inviting users to Inside Facebook’s page:

When users receive the invitation, they can convert and become a fan in just one click.

However, unlike status updates or shared content, which appear in the streams on users’ home pages, page suggestions are discoverable only on the invitations and requests page. While the invitation will remain there until acted upon, Page owners should encourage fans to actively share content from the Page in their streams as well.

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