Facebook, ad holding company Publicis Groupe form partnership


Facebook has reached a partnership with the third-biggest ad holding company in the world — Publicis Groupe, according to Ad Age. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but sources told Ad Age that the deal is worth around $500 million.

Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group (which led negotiations), described the partnership, saying that it is focused on the co-creation of ad products centered around data, video and images — including Instagram. Currently, both sides are only focused on North America, but the plan is to expand internationally.

Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions, talked with Ad Age about the partnership:

When you look at the composition of the entire partnership, there are aspects benefiting Publicis, whether it’s a first look and a competitive advantage of moving quickly on some of these elements. This is the first time we have all of the different elements that will allow clients to reach a significant scale of 100 million people a day in the U.S. and [specific] audiences within the 100 million the client wants to reach.

Ad Age reported that both sides have been discussing the deal for several months. The partnership includes Publicis integrating Facebook data into its mix-modeling platform, as well as allowing Publicis a look at Facebook ads’ performance. Facebook’s Audience Network will benefit from the addition of Publicis’ content-at-scale product. Sources also said that this could lead to special ad units and/or content for Instagram.

Publicis represents some of the largest brands in the world, such as Allstate, American Express, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, General Mills, General Motors, McDonald’s, Mondelez International, Samsung, Sprint and Walmart.