Facebook Active User Update: 130 Million+

-Growth Picture-Today Facebook updated their public statistics with the number of active users on the site now over 130 million. The company also updated their advertising estimates provided to advertisers when creating an ad and the total number of users there adds up to more than 133 million users. Also of interest is that Facebook has grown over 14 percent in the past month to almost 41 million active users within the United States according to their advertising statistics.

Compete.com pegs this growth at around 10 percent but Compete.com measures total traffic, not registered users. The company continues to experience phenomenal growth and based on their public statistics, the company has a global growth rate of 8.3 percent per month. While the numbers differ depending on what source you are using, it’s clear that the growth doesn’t appear to be stopping.

This means the company will double in size approximately every 7 months, a little longer than the 6 month figure Mark Zuckerberg stated a few months ago. As I highlighted last month, just providing the infrastructure for such rapid growth is a challenge in itself. Growth clearly differs from country to country.

According to their advertising statistics, Facebook has grown from around 1 million users a month ago to approximately 1.18 million users in Germany. 18 percent monthly growth, which is above the company’s average global growth rate, but their size is still substantially less than StudiVZ, the dominant social network in the country.

Facebook continues to grow at a faster rate abroad but no matter what statistics you look at, the numbers are always impressive. We’ll be keeping track of Facebook’s growth as it continues around the world.

Image from Private Equity Blogger