Express Gets All Bloggy

The Post’s newest online experiment launched this week: It’s a new website and blog for the Express–the paper’s free tabloid for hipsters, underpaid Capitol Hill aides, and grumpy commuters alike–that might be best called “DCist Jr.”

Of course it is DCist Jr., being the creation of Express’ Mike Grass, a former editor, but it also contains a host of special functions the hip city blog doesn’t: including ways to navigate the city and locate places to go. Grass is blogging up a storm at the new site.

The new site, the paper explains, offers “frequently updated features and a variety of interactive tools including locally-oriented blogs, real-time polling on hot issues and a lively classifieds marketplace.”

“Each day, thousands of commuters begin their days reading Express, and is a way of connecting them more closely to the communities in which they work and live,” Express publisher Christoper Ma said in the press release for the site, which officially launches next week. “ is our effort to provide neighborhood news of the communities around Metro stops, as well as comprehensive entertainment listings and an extensive classified marketplace in these neighborhoods.”

Perhaps the biggest sign of the blog’s potential? DCist has been very quiet this week about its alumnus’ new project.