Expect More Musical Content From Twitter: New Hire To Handle Music Partnerships

Twitter’s record-breaking tweets-per-second moment came thanks to Beyoncé’s baby announcement at the Video Music Awards, so it’s no wonder the company wants to step up its focus on the music industry.

Twitter has hired record label marketing manager Tatiana Simonian to work with its Content and Programming Team, focusing on establishing partnerships with labels, artists and other musically inclined.

Twitter confirmed the hire to Billboard.biz on Wednesday.

Prior to joining Twitter, Simonian worked as a manager at Disney Music Group in charge of social media, mobile and app campaigns, and she has a background in music journalism and social media.

Twitter’s Content and Programming Team is growing fast. Headed by Chloe Sladden, the team is responsible for integrating Twitter with several types of media including news, sports, music, entertainment and TV. Simonian will focus on the music aspect, building partnerships with businesses in the music industry.

After taking her new position at Twitter, Simonian (@DrTatiana) tweeted the following picture titled “my job”:

While the cute take on the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster might be a bit cryptic to some, there’s no mistaking the birds and clouds in the pictures surrounding it: she’s at Twitter HQ.

It will be interesting to see what kind of relationships develop as a result of this new hire. Twitter and music seem to go together quite well. Will we see a “What’s Playing?” button beside the “What’s Happening?” box? Or maybe more Twitter integration with music award shows? Time will tell.