Exit polls: Berlusconi is biscotti

Italy’s biggest media mogul cum politico appears to be toast, per the latest exit polls.

We’ll keep an eye on this throughout the day.Biscotti.jpg

However, for an interesting, quick analysis of how it might affect both the big B’s entertainment empire, as well as the boot-shaped nation’s creative community, check out a piece filed by Variety‘s Roman stringer, Nick Vivarelli.

Amusingly, Vivarelli quotes the CEO of Mediaset, the Berlusconi-owned, Italian version of News Corp., as having said in a recent interview that “the left can’t seek revenge by punishing Mediaset.”

Oh, really?

As Vivarelli points out,

“If the center-left wins, [challenger Romano] Prodi has vowed to draft a conflict-of-interest law to ensure that media ownership and political power are isolated from one another.”

Sounds like the polli are coming home to roost, Silvio.

E l’economia, stupido.