EXCLUSIVE: 5 Ways Facebook Must Improve Usability

How user friendly is Facebook? UserTesting Chief Executive Officer Darrell Benatar suggests some improvements.

UserTesting asked a panel of U.S. Facebook users aged 20 through 40, all with at least 100 friends, to suss out the site’s usability. Here are the findings.

Make Photo Privacy Settings Easier

When users accessed an individual album, it was unclear to multiple testers that clicking “edit photos” is the way to control the album’s privacy setting.

Some users were searching for a lock icon.

Moreover, we discovered that the profile pictures album does not even have an “edit photos” option.

Users wanted to view album privacy controls, at a glance, when they access their photos from their Profile without having to access them individually.

To edit album settings, users can also go to privacy settings. The main privacy settings page, however, only lets you set all privacy controls to one default setting.

None of the testers had used Facebook default settings, so all had to find the tiny customize settings link on the page.

Next, the edit album settings link on the next page was difficult to locate, buried in between larger buttons and other controls that are in bold font. When skimming the page, it’s very easy to miss.

This specific feature should be in proper context.

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