Everyone Rode Lady Gaga’s Egg For Grammy Publicity

As Lady Gaga’s minions made their way down the red carpet for last night’s Grammy awards presentation carrying the superstar in a giant egg, her people were on hand to give Ryan Seacrest the details about what the heck was going on. In short, a lot of PR activity.

Of course, Lady Gaga gets talked about for turning up in an egg to “incubate” before her performance. Hussein Chalayan, usually known for his fashion designs, gets a mention as the creator of the “womb” that Gaga was birthed from (eek!) out of substances that the singer’s creative director Laurieann Gibson couldn’t disclose.

And speaking of Gibson, she gets a plug for her upcoming E! show The Dance Scene.

In case you missed the E! network’s 42 hours of pre-Grammys coverage, here’s the bit about Gaga’s entrance. Warning: Gibson asks if Gaga is “dilating” during this clip, which sounds gross and will likely make you grind your teeth to dust.