Evernote For iPhone Updated

The Evernote app for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been the most popular of the mobile versions of the app. Long time users of this app will be happy to learn that a significant update has been released that adds several new features. If you use versions of Evernote on other phones like Android or Blackberry, it is worth taking note of the features as they are likely to appear on your phones in the future.
First, when you start Evernote, you will notice the unified note viewing and notetaking view. Now on the home screen you see snippets of each of your notes. The snippets will include pictures that are attached to notes, thumbnails of attached PDF files, or the beginning portion of a text note.
Instead of providing separate home screen options to create new text notes, snapshots, or voice notes, you now see one New Note option and screen, from which you then select which elements to add like a snapshot or voice recording. You can now add muliple pictures from the camera roll at one time.
Another feature that I really like is the new resource views. Evernote now provides separate options to view all pictures, attachments, or notes with geolocation information. The pictures view displays all pictures attached to notes in a familiar album layout, and geolocation information is presented on a map.
If you already have Evernote on your iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4 or newer, you should receive a notification of the update. If you haven’t already tried Evernote, you can get it for free in the iTunes App Store.