Evernote for Android 3.3 Adds Notebook Sharing & Image Editing

People who use Evernote on an Android phone should take notice of the version 3.3 update released this week. It adds sharing and image editing to the already powerful app’s feature mix. And, to make life a bit more interesting, Evernote now provides a separate widget for the Android home screen.

Three Great New Features Come to Android

Evernote for Android can now share notebooks (not individual notes) from the app. People with premium accounts can allow select people to edit notes.

The update also allows images in an Evernote note be edited by Skitch (also a free app provided by Evernote). The edited image can replace the existing note image or be appended to the note.

The Evernote Widget app solves a sticky little problem for Android users. The widget is part of the Evernote app cannot be used when Evernote is installed to SD flash storage. By creating a separate Evernote Widget, the main large app can now be installed on an SD card without losing the ability to use a widget on the home screen.

You can find Evernote for Android 3.3 here and the new Evernote Widget App here. Both apps are free. Evernote’s free Skitch image manipulation app is found here