Evernote 1.2.1 for Windows Phone: Share Notes, Decrypt Protected Text, Edit Rich Text

Evernote for Windows Phone has only been out less than two months (mid-June 2011 availability). But, a significant update went live in the past 24 hours.

Evernote for Windows Phone Update: Rich Text Editing, Checkbox Support and More

Version brings these new features and enhancements to one of the most useful tools in my mobile toolbox.

– Rich text editing: The previous version of Evernote for Windows Phone (as well as earlier versions for other mobile platforms) did not allow editing a note with formatted text (boldface, italics, etc.), web links or photos.

– Sharing URLs (web links) to notes: This feature opens up a note to be viewable by anyone on the web who has the direct URL to the note. If you accidentally make a note shareable, you can un-share it from Evernote’s desktop web interface or using the Mac or Windows app. I did not see a way to un-share a note in the Windows Phone app.

– Rotate an image inside of a note

– Save an image from a note to the Windows Phone Pictures Hub (photo manager)

– Create a note with checkboxes

– Decrypt note content: The Evernote Mac OS X and Windows apps can encrypt selected text within a note. Although the Windows Phone app cannot encrypted text, it can decrypt text encrypted using one of the desktop apps.

Evernote for Windows Phone reported a problem with its database when I updated the app last night. However, it noted the error and initiated a automatic recovery process which produced a functional database on my phone.