Even WordPress Admits WordPress for iOS 2.6.2 is Still Buggy

WordPress for the iPhone (this was way before the iPad was released) worked reasonably well for a month or two and then has been more-or-less (mostly more) broken ever since. As a long time user of a self-hosted WordPress based personal blog, I’ve really been looking forward to a stable WordPress for iOS (as it is now called). A month ago, I wrote:

WordPress for iPhone/iPad 2.6.2 Available: Are You Brave Enough to See if its Bugs Have Been Stomped?

Unfortunately for me and other WordPress users, my caution was all too justified. This is what WordPress had to say about WordPress for iOS 2.6.2.

Update on WordPress for iOS

Version 2.6.2 of the WordPress app for iOS devices was not quite the salvation we hoped it would be. While it solves some of the issues presented in earlier versions of the app, many of you are still experiencing problems that make the app difficult to use. Therefore, starting today, the entire team is going to focus on fixing these issues and hopefully ship improvements to you a lot faster.

I finally understand how fans of long time losing sports teams feel. I keep hoping WordPress for iOS will improve and finally win one.