Even Segways have a Social Network for Users, Segway Social

segwaysocial.jpgYou know those stand-up scooters with gyroscopic sensors which were once touted as the future of transportation, called Segway? They must be gaining too much popularity that some Segway users decided to create a Segway Social, which obviously is a social network for Segway users.

The number of Segway users must be growing tremendously that they were able to form their own niche and a social network to boot. Segway is no longer a way of getting around to places, but is now a way of life, eh?


Anyway, Segway Social is a full-featured social network that gives its members, Segway users, and a community to share experiences as well as learn from them. It’s even advocating the use of Segways to promote energy conservation and encourages everyone to buy their Segways. For those who can’t afford to buy Segways, the site suggests ways to start saving up for the cost of the expensive Segways.

Other features of Segway Social include; social map where you can see glides, places, and groups that Segway users have created in your area as well as around the world. Segway Social also has a photo gallery of Segway user-sponsored event and a news portal about anything and everything about Segways.

Even if you do own a Segway, you might want to visit Segway Social. Who knows, you might be convinced to get a Segway for yourself. Just don’t blame if you spend some amount for the scooter though.