Even Pharmaceutical Apps are Expensive

Pharmaceuticals are notoriously costly, and it appears that pharmaceutical apps will follow the same trend. MedSnap ID, an app that helps you identify and track pills for potential potentially negative interactions will cost you $70 USD per year. Another pharma app, Lexicomp will cost you $75 to $595. At that rate, you’re probably better off just calling your doctor or going to your pharmacist. Walgreens has a database that is free to browse:

A drug interaction is an adverse reaction caused by a combination of drugs. Use our service when trying to identify potentially harmful interactions between two drugs.

You can also sign in to your pharmacy account to check for all potential interactions with your entire prescription history.

WebMD also lets you identify pills by their colors and imprint ID. If you are serious about taking vitamins and supplements, you should probably see a medical professional. On another note, shouldn’t medical insurance cover the purchase of approved apps for better health?