Even Fedex is Riding into the Facebook Wagon

facebookfedex.jpgOf course every one of us know FedEx, or in one point in our lives have used the services to ship something locally or internationally. FedEx is such as big company that who would think that it will ride into the popularity of Facebook and come up with a Facebook application of its own?

fedexfacebookapp.jpgThe Facebook application is called “Launch a Package“, and it basically lets you send virtual goods to your Facebook friends. By digital goods we mean those stuff that people send via the Facebook interface. The FedEx gifts that you send arrives on your friends’ inbox packed in a FedEx box that would reveal a gift when you opened the box.

Though just a simple application “Launch a Package” has already around 1,351 active users, and more users are finding it as a fun application. This is a good social media marketing strategy for FedEx as it promotes their services across the Facebook platforms. Though it may not be clear whether this will transcend into Facebook users actually using the FedEx service in real life still, the fact still remains that it is a good promotional strategy.

To use the Launch a Package application, follow the usual route of installing other Facebook application. Have fun!