Eternity Warriors 3 looks to take action/RPG genre to next level

Diablo meets God of War. That’s Eternity Warriors 3 in a nutshell, as the fantasy, hack-and-slash, action/RPG sends you battling through missions against a slew of enemies you defeat using everything from magic to bare knuckles.

One major difference this time around, though, is you’re not stuck playing as just the same old Warrior. In Eternity Warriors 3, you now have the ability to select one of three character types, from the old school Warrior, to a Mage who attacks from range using powerful magic, to even a Monk who wrecks enemies with some fierce martial arts skills. Every character has four active skills, as well as four passive skills, and as you continue to level up throughout the game, you’ll significantly change the way you play as each hero.

And as players launch into the game, they’ll find three different kingdoms to play through, each offering unique types of monsters, quests, and enemies.

“We designed the game so that people can play wherever they are, as you don’t need to sit there for an hour-long session to get something accomplished,” says producer Sean Lopiccolo. “This game allows you to play for long periods of time if you want, but we also designed the levels so that players can play through levels in three or four minutes at a time.”

“And while the quests tell a story, we also jump you right into battle and let you accomplish things in a short amount of time,” adds producer Kevin Dupuy. “Complete the quest and you’re given a reward, then other quests pop up for you to play.”

While playing through a few quests, there’s no denying that Glu Mobile has a visual stunner on its hands, with everything from the monster bosses to the kingdoms themselves detailed in breathtaking fashion.

“The Eternity Warriors franchise was built on high-end visuals, top-notch combat, and social features based on both competition and cooperation,” says Dupuy, adding that Glu Mobile really sees Eternity Warriors 3 as a product where they can offer frequent updates, utilizing their “games as a service” motto to provide seasonal and holiday updates (big things are planned for Chinese New Year), as well as frequent tournaments and events.

“We also have a very deep, very intricate item upgrading system as you play through the game,” says Lopiccolo, “and it’s deeper than you’d see in most MMO games.”

Items in your inventory can be upgraded by either fusing them or evolving them, so even if you pickup an item that you don’t want to use, you can select it to use as fuel to help level up other items. “An armor that you’ve already upgraded to max will give you more XP when you fuse it back into something else, for example,” adds Lopiccolo. “Then once the item gets to its max fusion state, you can then evolve it and the item will then receive a significant boost.”

In terms of making the game social, Eternity Warriors 3 offers a really cool guild leaderboard and tournament system. Says Lopiccolo: “There’s guild chat, you can promote and demote members of the guild, and you can give them various levels of permission to help manage the guild. You can view all your members, view their scores, but most importantly, the guilds come into play with our tournament system.

“The way this works, we offer special tournaments for our players, both guild based and single player. You don’t have to be in a guild to participate, but if you are, it significantly enhances your chances of winning.”

Tournaments include everything from going out and killing specific bosses, to killing as many wolves as possible, and at the end of the tournament, players are ranked on the leaderboard, with prizes being sent to players based on how they played, with some tournaments rewarding only the top three players, while others might reward a broader range of players.

“We even have a Hall of Fame,” says Lopiccolo. “It’s a permanent list of all tournament winners, so there’s a lot of status that goes into this. We want to offer new and exciting experiences for our players, and we think tournaments are the perfect way to do this. Besides, who doesn’t want to see their name in the Hall of Fame?”

Look for Eternity Warriors 3 to hit iOS in January.