ESPN ScoreCenter App Hits Samsung App Store

ScoreCenter, an app from ESPN that delivers scores and statistics to Web-enabled television sets from Samsung, is now available via the consumer-electronics manufacturer’s app store, reported.

The app can be scrolled across the top of the screen, the bottom, or the side, according to, which added that it may be made available to advertisers for custom sponsorships.

ESPN executive vice president of sales and marketing Sean Bratches told

We’re focused on serving the fan, and to the extent that there is a smart deal to do with the participants in the interactive-television food chain, we would be willing to do that. At this stage, it kind of affords us more bandwidth to develop and create experiences that are appropriate for our brand and consistent with what the consumer is seeing on television.

One thing that’s really important to us about ScoreCenter is that we are trying to launch apps in the marketplace with a singular brand. Having myriad brands complicates the marketing message, particularly in nascent mediums. ScoreCenter, you can see it on Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and tablets on television.

President George Bodenheimer added:

We look at technology as a friend, not a foe. Even though it can interrupt your models, my boss (Disney CEO) Bob Iger is embracing all of these models, and it has good potential for sports fans.