Esobi releases ‘news-snacking’ platform newsXpresso on Android


Taipei, Taiwan based Esobi has released its news-reading app newsXpresso on Android devices, which looks to offer a “news snacking” experience to users. newsXpresso offers localized content for 20 global regions, from the US and Canada to Spain, Sweden and Russia. The platform is designed with a magazine-inspired interface, and provides news stories across a variety of categories.

newsXpresso is powered by a “social ranking algorithm,” ensuring users receive the best content available from over 3,000 news sites worldwide. The platform also prioritizes the most important news stories from the last 20 minutes.

“newsXpresso is the real news snacking option,” said Michael Ho, VP of sales and marketing at Esobi. “The focus was to create the most simple and easy to use news reading experience on the market. Rather than burying the user in menus and settings, newsXpresso delivers the cream of the web right to your device.

“This makes it perfect for those spare few moments when you are waiting for the bus or drinking coffee, but still want to get your daily news fix. There is what is meant by ‘news snacking.” [T]here is a growing trend for apps of this type, which we are happy to be part of.”

In addition to a feed for the web’s top stories, users can browse a series of categorized feeds, with content focusing on a variety of topics, from entertainment and finance to pets. Users can share articles with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email, or save articles to read at a later time.

newsXpresso is available to download for free in the Google Play store, and is coming soon to iOS. You can follow newsXpresso on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.