Equal Time Flies

Fast becoming the bane of the conventional wisdom crowd, Dan Froomkin of WashingtonPost.com, has struck again, this time with former Post City Editor Barry Sussman in their collective guise as editors of Neiman Watchdog.

CJR Daily reports that Froomkin and Sussman reached out to a group of past Nieman fellows, asking them the following:

    “Do you have any practical suggestions for improving American political coverage in 2006? (For starters, if it helps: Is the press too adversarial, not adversarial enough; what were the biggest shortcomings of 2004 and how can they be avoided this time?)”

In his piece, “Reporters Tire of Bad Political Reporting,” Felix Gillette reports:

    “Instead of spending time getting reaction quotes, test the veracity and authenticity of the original statement,” wrote Valerie Hyman, a 1987 fellow [and program director of the Carole Kneeland Project, and founding director of the Poynter Institute’s broadcast program.] “Journalists are under no legal obligation to provide equal space and/or time to opposing candidates.”

More at CJR Daily.