Epic Week for Epic Rap Battles of History

Hitler vs. Vader 3 soars, Nerds vs. Geeks sizzles

Nice Peter, the Maker Studios-repped comedic songwriter behind the megahit Epic Rap Battles in History, had a big week last week. The much awaited third installment in his series of mock rap contests between Darth Vader and Adolph Hitler (naturally) scored 6.5 million views last week, according to the latest data from VideoWatch/VidIQ.

Sounds pretty big, right? Actually, episode 3 has a long way to go. The original Vader/Hitler battle from two years ago has been streamed close to 79 million times as of Monday afternoon. The sequel, posted last year, has 56.8 million views. It's clear this showdown of evil rappers has resonated.

Nice Peter sort of inspired the clip that nabbed the 6th spot on the VideoWatch/VidIQ ranker. This was just as epic, though less despicable: Rhett & Link's rap clash between Nerds and Geeks has generated 3.1 million views to date. Check it out:

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