‘Entourage’ Star Adrian Grenier: ‘I Don’t Have a Publicist and Never Have’

That’s what Grenier recently told The Wall Street Journal, who asked him if with the rise of social networks like Twitter, “will stars need publicists in the future?”
“I’m no stranger to self promotion. I find it first of all more authentic when you put a bit of your creative touch to what you’re trying to share,” said Grenier.
It’s not surprising that many entertainment publicists would disagree with this statement, so we reached out to a few to get their take. The first we spoke with was veteran Howard Bragman of agency Fifteen Minutes. “Dollar for dollar publicity is one of the great bargains left in Hollywood,” he said.
“If a celebrity makes $6 million a year, for example, they probably pay a publicist give or take $5,000 or $6,000 a month, or one percent of their net. When you compare the hours a publicist puts in to the ten percent a manager or agent gets…I don’t think agents or managers are overpaid, but I think publicists are underpaid.”
Bragman also addressed Grenier’s “authentic” comment, stating that a good publicist will drive their client to be themselves.
When asked if he could give one word as to why he thinks a star have a publicist, he said: perspective. “I’ve seen a lot of celebrities who are really bad at social media and think they are really good,” he said.