Entertainment Weekly Gets Glued on Rewards Programs

Entertainment Weekly has partnered with social entertainment startup GetGlue to launch a series of rewards programs on EW.com.
GetGlue is one of several companies banking on becoming the de facto digital “check-in” vehicle for entertainment. In the same fashion that consumers check in at stores, restaurants and the like through mobile applications, such as Foursquare and Gowalla, GetGlue encourages users to check into favorite movies, books and TV shows.
The company, which has received investment from Time Warner and several venture capital firms, has partnered with a slew of TV networks, including Fox, HBO and Showtime. As a result, GetGlue rewards its users for checking into their favorite shows as they air live.
Now the company is looking to reward EW.com readers for checking into activities ranked on the site’s “Must List”—an editorial roundup of the best in entertainment during a given moment. As part of the new partnership, EW readers who use GetGlue to check in will receive, in some cases, exclusive content, as well as physical and virtual stickers.
For EW.com, besides making the site more sticky, the GetGlue pact also helps counter a recent jump by rival TVGuide.com on the entertainment check-in bandwagon.
Entertainment Weekly publisher Jason Wagenheim said, ”The EW.com audience is incredibly engaged and vocal, and since GetGlue features a broad range of entertainment categories, this partnership will allow our users to further celebrate their passion for all things pop culture.”