Do People Really Enjoy Snowball Wars?

Over the past few weeks, one of the fastest growing applications on the Facebook platform has been Snowball Wars. The application has seen exponential growth and a quick look at their growth chart (shown below) illustrates that the application’s growth has almost been perfectly exponential. It leads me to wonder, do people really want to play Snowball Wars?

While developers often search for a quick way to attract users, I have to assume that this application is using some other strategy for attracting users. After browsing through my RSS feed reader this morning, I found at least one person who said that without taking any action, snowball war requests were sent to many of their friends.

Perhaps users really want to engage in Snowball Wars on Facebook but if that’s really what constitutes an “engaging application”, one has to be a little bit skeptical of the potential of the Facebook platform. Personally, I have used a few useful and engaging applications but it makes me think twice when applications like Snowball Wars and random quiz applications are continuously among the fastest growing Facebook applications.

Have you been hit by one of the fast moving snowballs recently? Did the application spam your friends or were you genuinely entertained by throwing a snowball at your friends? Aren’t these the applications that people mocked when the platform launched over a year and a half ago?