The Top 20 Most Engaging Facebook Applications

There’s a well known statistic that Facebook loves to tout publicly: 50 percent of active Facebook users return to the site daily. It’s an impressive statistic that few application developers have been able to duplicate. Actually, only one application has been able to reach Facebook’s impressive engagement level but many others have come extremely close. As you will see, these applications are indeed the most addictive applications on Facebook.

We’ve gone through the process of determining which Facebook applications are in fact the most engaging applications on Facebook. So how do we determine engagement? Currently we measure engagement as daily active users (DAUs) divided by monthly active users (MAUs). This metric measures what percentage of an application’s total monthly user base returns to the application daily.

I will soon make this metric public and sortable via our Facebook application statistics tool. For now, you can scan over the 25 applications listed below. I also follow-up at the end of this post with some general thoughts on this metric and what developers can learn from this list.

1. Slots – 52.02%

You may have not played Slots on Facebook before but around 70,000 people have played and a whopping 52.02 percent of those users return every single day. There are two other games in the leaderboard which are part of this application’s “network”. You can play “Scratch and Win” (3rd most engaging application) and “Pull Tabs” (10th most engaging application), and use the tokens that you’ve won from those applications to bet on slots.

While it may not be the most popular application on Facebook, the developers behind this game are most definitely generating some decent cash flow through repeat users. Also, given that incentive based advertising is the most profitable thing on Facebook, owning a leading gambling application is not a bad position to be in. You can go play the application here.

2. Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones – 48.9%

It’s not surprising to find a Facebook owned application in this leaderboard considering that 50 percent of active Facebook users return to the site daily. If you have a BlackBerry, there’s a good chance that you’ve already installed this application. Out of the 3.5 million users that have installed the application, 1.7 million are using it daily.

While it’s not surprising to see a Facebook owned application rank so highly, it is somewhat surprising that Blackberry users are the most active mobile Facebook users so far. If you have a Blackberry and read this blog, you probably have already installed the Facebook for Blackberry application. If you haven’t, I seriously suggest you check it out.

3. Scratch and Win – 47.62%

Proving that gambling is a popular activity on Facebook, Scratch and Win comes in 3rd with 64,888 out of 136,000 monthly active users returning daily. Scratch applications have been around the Facebook platform since early on. Backstage, the company behind this application, is sitting on a pretty nice suite of gambling applications. When ranking applications for profitability, I would rank this company up near the top.

Despite having less than half a million monthly active users, a very large portion of their users are returning daily, and that is one of the most important factors when monitizing applications. If you are in to lottery tickets, go check out the Scratch and Win application.

4. Digsby – 47.3%

Digsby is an extremely popular desktop instant messaging client and was one of the first, if not the first application to integrate Facebook chat. Unlike Meebo, who had their instant messaging support shut down, Digsby has remained functional since their launch. There is one problem with the application that I experienced which was that you would be kicked off of the web version of Facebook as soon as you logged into Digsby.