Engadget Takes AT&T to Task for iPhone SlingPlayer 3G Ban

Screenshot courtesy of Sling Media

Who would think that a $29.99 iPhone app could get so much press defending it? Well, if it is the long awaited SlingPlayer for iPhone app.

SlingPlayer Mobile (iTunes App Store)

Off course, all the blog-o-talk is actually because AT&T decided it couldn’t handle the network traffic expected from thousands of iPhone users streaming video from their homes to their iPhones. And, Engadget’s Chris Ziegler takes AT&T to task in this blog item…

AT&T issues official statement on SlingPlayer’s 3G blackout for iPhone

Here’s an additional factoid to consider. If you look through Apple’s iTunes App Store, there are a lot of iPhone apps there that apparently violate AT&T’s network usage terms by performing tasks like monitoring servers and streaming personal security webcam video. But, these apps don’t have the user population to really saturate AT&T’s 3G/EDGE data network. So, they apparently are left alone.