Encouraging Teens to Read through mySpace-HarperTeen

As a trained librarian by profession, it is my duty to promote the cultivation of reading habits among kids, teens and older people alike. That’s why I felt glad to know that HarperCollins, one of the major and well known book publisher is in a way encouraging teeners not to take for granted the importance of books and reading no matter how busy they are with their social networking activities.
harperteenmyspace.jpgAnd HarperCollins must have recognized this fact that it decided to partner with one of the top social networking site, mySpace for a collaborative endeavor to come up with a subportal within the mySpace universe specifically made for teens and HarperCollins vast volume of books for teens.
Hence mySpace HarperTeen subportal was born, a customized interactive community for teen readers to connect with one another, read author blogs, interact on message boards and forums, learn about upcoming releases, post photos, participate in HarperTeen contests and do just about anything that can be done in a mySpace environment.

As if motivating teens to read is not enough, HarperTeens even wants to encourage teens to harness their writing prowess by letting them submit creative contents in the form of short stories, poems and songs. And HarperTeens will be rewarding the most interesting and creative submitted content with a cash prize of $5,000 by January 7, 2008.
Indeed, the HarperCollins-mySpace partnership portal for teens is a worthy endeavor and a good example of how social networking sites should be working hand in hand with other industries to come up with a worthy usage of their social networking sites. It’s about time that social networking sites, especially the most popular ones evolve from a mere socialization avenue for its members into something more useful and relevant socially.