Do Employers “Like” Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 42 percent of employers say no to any use of social media in the workplace?

When you consider that two out of every five young workers rate access to social media at work above receiving a higher salary, this presents an obvious disconnect. And for many employers, an outright ban is easier to manage than educating themselves on the benefits of using these tools in the office – only a little more than half (53 percent) have any kind of formal social media policy in place.

An employer’s attitude towards channels such as Twitter and Facebook varies from industry to industry. Retail is the most progressive, with 65 percent of companies in this sector having social media policy in place, ahead of manufacturing (62 percent) and business support (59 percent).

This infographic from Payscale takes a closer look at what employers like – and don’t like – about social media.

(Source: Payscale. Social media infographic via Shutterstock.)