69 People Who Work At Twitter (And What They Do)

UPDATE: This list was last updated on September 10, 2009. Users that are no longer in Twitter’s list of employees have been preserved within this page but their entry has been reformatted with a strikethrough. Also note there are a couple of people on this list who work at Twitter but are not yet on Twitter’s about page. Yeah, I’m confused too. Please contact me with any corrections (proof is desirable).

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The shenanigans of the past couple of days on Twitter have provided us with a couple of key pieces of information: one, that Twitter really needs to work on its PR, and two, that the leadership provided by Jack Dorsey (@Jack), Evan Williams (@Ev), Biz Stone (@Biz) and others, certainly in the manner of what they blog and tweet, is perhaps not as good as it might be.

Here’s the thing: while these guys are holding the reins, they aren’t the only employees Twitter has. Moreover, while we’re often enthusiastically told that Twitter is operated by a staff of just 30 people – even Twitter themselves blogged this a month or two back – according to my research, they actually have 69 individuals on the payroll, in some form or another.

How did I determine this? I looked at their about page. I urge you to do the same. However, while this provides a quick way to access these folk, it doesn’t tell you an awful lot about them. Nor, in the majority of cases, do their respective bios.

Here, then, in alphabetical order (by first name), is a list of the people who work for Twitter including, with official confirmation where possible, details of what they do. If you have an interest in keeping up-to-speed with all developments on the network, you might find following some of these accounts of enormous benefit. Indeed, from what I have seen, many of these guys are more open and communicative about changes within Twitter than their esteemed leaders.

(This list is as complete as possible at the time of writing; amendments will be made as and when new information becomes available.)

Albert Sheu (@146). Albert is a software engineer who specialises in “search-related technologies occasionally, so information retrieval, text/data mining, and anything involving huge, computer-parsable corpuses of human-generated data”.

Abdur Chowdhury (@abdur). Abdur is listed as Twitter’s ‘Chief Scientist’. Previously I have had some words to say about my feelings about the reality of this position but according to Twitter the Chief Scientist is responsible for, amongst other things, the controversial Suggested Users list, and “developed a program that scans active Twitter accounts for a bunch of key ingredients such as how much of the profile is filled out, certain indications that the account is interesting to others in some respects, and a few other signals.” Abdur also has fifteen filed patent applications and over 70 publications in magazines and scientific journals. According to Abdur’s bio, he is a doctor, and has 12 years of development experience in computer science. So would appear to be the man for the job, assuming such a position really does exist. Abdur has been on Twitter since December 1, 2007.

Akshay Dayal (@akshay_abd). Akshay is a software engineer at Twitter.

Alex Payne (@al3x). Alex is Twitter’s API Lead, which appears to be a position so specialist that if you Google it, the first three results belong to him. Alex began to work for the company in March, 2007, has been on Twitter since November 23, 2006, and his blog can be found here.

Alexander Macgillivray (@macgill). Alexander works at Twitter as its general counsel, and was previously at Google.

Alissa Huskey (@alissa). Alissa Huskey works for Twitter as an engineer, and has done so since September, 2007. She registered on the network on April 8, 2006.

Anamitra Banerji (@anamitra). Anamitra states his position as “Product at Twitter”, and while his account was activated on January 11, 2008, he has only recently joined the company. According to ZDNet Asia, Banerji’s job “is to actually create a business out of this service”, which means that any hopes of monetizing the product are very much resting on his shoulders.

Alex McCauley (@anm). Alex is a founders associate at Twitter.

andr8a (@andr8a). Works in Twitter support, and has been active on the network since February 18, 2009. Has this blog. Can’t find an awful lot more about her.

Andy Lorek (@mrtall). Andy works as a Unix Engineer at Twitter, has been active on the network since February 25, 2008, and that’s pretty much all I know.

Biz Stone (@biz). Biz Stone is the co-founder of Twitter, and is responsible for most of the updates on Twitter’s blog. Biz has been on the network since March 21, 2006 – which was of course when the service went live. Biz’s official website can be found here.

Brady Catherman (@liquidgecka). Brady is an operations engineer at Twitter.

Britt Selvitelle (@bs). Britt Selvitelle is Twitter’s ‘User Experience Lead’, and assures us that he’s ‘working to create something beautiful’, which is very good news indeed. Britt has been active on the network since December 28, 2006, and his website can be found here.

Caroline (@caroline). As she states, Caroline has been “twittering away” since July 14, 2006, and is doing what she loves to do – exactly what that is I have absolutely no idea, but I think it’s in support. Her Flickr page can be found here, and it’s worth checking out Jack’s life lessons, as I assume that they come from Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey.

Charles Magnuson (@charles). Charles works in Twitter support. You can follow his personal account here.

Chloe Sladden (@chloes). Chloe is responsible for “media partnerships (and other escapades)” at Twitter.

Crystal (@crystal). Crystal leads the Twitter support team and is considered a bit of a superhero. Here’s a photograph of her with Biz Stone in Las Vegas. She has been active on Twitter since March 21, 2006. This is all I know.

Del (@delbius). Del is responsible for Twitter abuse and spam-control, so you know who to call the next time Mikeyy rears his ugly head. Del has been on Twitter since 23 October, 2008.

Dick Costolo (@dickc). Dick Costolo, the co-founder of FeedBurner, now works at Twitter as its chief operating officer (COO). Costolo was also (reportedly) an early investor in Twitter, Inc.

Doug Bowman (@stop). Previously Doug worked as Visual Design Lead at Google, and was hired by Twitter as their Creative Director, a role formerly occupied by Biz Stone. Doug’s account was initiated on the network on March 11, 2007.

Doug Cook (@ablegrape). Doug is “building the world’s most comprehensive wine information search engine“. What that has to do with Twitter is anyone’s guess.

Doug Williams (@dougw). Doug Williams “works on the Twitter Platform”, has been on Twitter since March 18, 2007, and writes this blog.

Dustin Diaz (@ded). Dustin is an engineer for Twitter, used to work at Google, has been on the network since March 15, 2007, and this is his website. Dustin is also a keen photographer.

Emaland (@emaland). I have absolutely no idea who this person is or what they do.

Emee (@em33). Emee has protected their updates, so nothing to see here. They have been active on Twitter since April 29, 2008.

Eric Jensen (@ej). Eric lists himself as a “search and text mining technologist”, and has been on the network since January 28, 2008. Eric was previously a co-founder and VP of Development at Summize, which ultimately became Twitter’s search feature.

Evan Williams (@ev). Evan Williams is the CEO of Twitter, has been with the service since day one (March 21, 2006), and this is his official blog. Evans is credited with having invented the term “blogger”, and previously worked for Google and Pyra Labs, who created Blogger.com.

Evan Weaver (@evan). Whoever thought it was a good idea to have two Evans at Twitter, and give the non-CEO the @evan tag, wasn’t really thinking clearly. Anyway, Evan Weaver started working for Twitter in May 2008, has been active on the network since February 9, 2007, and was previously at CNET and SAP. Weaver is described as a leader in “infrastructure and performance initiatives” by Biz Stone. This is his blog.

Greg Pass (@gregpass). Greg Pass is the Director of Engineering and Ops at Twitter, and previously worked at Summize. Greg has been on Twitter since March 26, 2008, and this is his blog.

Jack Dorsey (@jack). Jack Dorsey is the Chairman and co-founder of Twitter, and joined the network on the March 21, 2006 opening day. Jack is an occasional contributor to Twitter’s official blog.

Jason Goldman (@goldman). Jason Goldman has been Twitter’s Director of Product Strategy since February, 2007, and joined Twitter on May 20, 2006. This is his blog.

Jay Edwards (@meangrape). Jay Edwards works in Twitter’s operations department as an engineer, has done since October, 2007, and signed up for Twitter on December 29, 2006.

Jenna Sampson (@jennadawn). Jenna is a communications associate at Twitter.

Jeremy LaTrasse (@jeremy). Jeremy LaTrasse is Twitter’s Head of Operations, and has been with Twitter since day one. His updates are protected.

Jessica Verrilli (@jessverr). Jessica is a founders associate at Twitter.

Jillian West (@jillyface). Jillian West is a photographer, who I assume works in this capacity for Twitter, possibly on a contractual basis. She has been active on the network since February 3, 2009.

John Adams (@netik). John Adams is an Operations Engineer at Twitter, previously working at Apple and iFilm. He signed up to Twiter on March 11, 2007, and this is his website.

John Kalucki (@jkalucki). John Kalucki is described as an experienced distributed systems architect and is the co-founder of SQLStream. John started working for Twitter in April, 2008, and joined the network on January 30 that same year.

Josh Fraser (@jfray). Josh Fraser works as engineer in Twitter Operations and has been active on Twitter since March 10, 2007.

Keerthi Prakash (@keerthi). Keerthi Prakash previously worked as a software engineer at Infotech Enterprises in India, and has been on Twitter since March 10, 2009. This is all I know.

Kevin Thau (@kevinthau). Kevin Thau is Director of Mobile Business Development at Twitter, previous at Buzzwire, and started working for the company in December, 2008, and is described as their “first official business development guru”. Kevin signed up to tweet on March 4, 2008.

Kevin Weil (@kevinweil). Kevin is an engineer, responsible for analytics at Twitter.

Krissy Bush (@krissy). Krissy Bush works at Twitter as a human resources (and office) manager, and you can meet her, as well as Biz Stone, Jason Goldman, Jack Dorsey, Britt Selvitelle, and others, in this video, which was made by Robert Scoble. In February 2009, Krissy made the accidental, but mostly unforgiveable gaff of publishing the email addresses of 186 Twitter job rejects. Krissy has been with Twitter since the very beginning, and started her account on April 4, 2006.

Larry Gadea (@lg). Larry is an infrastructure engineer at Twitter.

Luke Esterkyn (@lukester). Luke works in Twitter support.

Maggie Utgoff (@mutgoff). Maggie Utgoff is (I believe) a business analyst at Twitter, who moonlights as an Occuapational Health Activist. Maggie has been on the network since May 7, 2007.

Marcel Molina (@noradio). Marcel is a software engineer at Twitter.

Mark Hegge (@mhegge). Mark Hegge works in Twitter’s support team, and signed up to tweet on February 21, 2007.

Matt Knox (@mattknox). Matt is a Ruby on Rails and Lisp specialist.

Matt Sanford (@mzsanford). Matt Sanford works on Twitter search and is one of the main API engineers alongside Alex Payne. Matt has been active on the network since January 10, 2008.

Mike Hayes (@JugglingPumba). Mike Hayes does something for Twitter, but I have no idea what. He signed up for the service on March 28, 2008.

Mike Limon (@mikelimondba). Mike Limon describes himself as a ‘DBA to the stars’, which I presume means he’s a database administrator who perhaps focuses on the big names on Twitter, although that seems a little OTT, if not entirely improbable. Mike has been on the Twitter network since March 18, 2009.

Nick Kallen (@nk). Nick Kallen, who previously did consultancy work for the company, became a full-time engineer at Twitter in September 2008. Prior to this, Nick activated his Twitter account on November 26, 2007.

Pankaj Gupta (@pankaj). Pankaj Gupta describes himself as a member of the technical staff at Twitter. He is a graduate of Stanford and has a PhD in Computer Science. Pankaj has been active on Twitter since November 2, 2008.

Rael Dornfest (@rael). Rael Dornfest is a Unix engineer at Twitter and previously founded Values of n, which Twitter acquired in November, 2008 and implemented into their framework. Rael has been running his Twitter account since May 9, 2006.

Rion (@rion). Rion has protected their updates.

Robey Pointer (@robey). Robey Pointer describes himself as a “coder and musician” and works for Twitter as a developer, alongside Alex Payne. Robey opened his account on October 2, 2007.

Robin (@elizaswan). Robin works in Twitter operations.

Rudy Winnacker (@ronpepsi). Rudy Winnacker works at Twitter as an Operations Engineer, and opened his Twitter account on May 25, 2008.

Ryan King (@rk). Ryan King is a website developer, “especially on web crawling and indexing”, and is responsible for, amongst other things, the very useful http://istwitterdown.com/. Ryan has had an account on Twitter since November 24, 2006.

Ryan Sarver (@rsarver). Ryan works with the platform team at Twitter.

Sam Luckenbill (@sam). Sam is a member of Twitter’s technical staff.

Santosh Jayaram (@santojay). Santosh Jayaram is VP of Twitter’s Operations department, and previously was manager of search quality operations for Google. Santosh is responsible for re-building Twitter’s search engine so that it will soon begin to crawl and index all the tweeted links shared on the network. Santosh has been active on Twitter since January 5, 2007.

Sean (@sean). Sean works for Twitter as, I believe, a translator for the Japanese version of the network, and his other account would perhaps confirm this. @Sean has been active since April 9, 2008.

Steve D (@Steve_C_D). Steve has protected his updates.

Steve Jenson (@stevej). Steve Jenson is a former Google software engineer who previously worked on scaling Blogger and Blogspot, and now works with Twitter’s development team. Steve’s Twitter account has been active since 28 April, 2006.

Tim (@thuske). Tim opened his Twitter account on November 15, 2007 – this is all I know, as his updates are protected, and his bio, sparse.

Vitor Lourenço (@vl). Vitor Lourenço is a UI Designer with proficiency in visual design and web development , and was responsible for re-designing Twitter’s web interface. This is his official website. Vitor has been active on Twitter since February 9, 2007.

Yukarim (@yukarim). Yukarim definitely works at/for Twitter, but this is all I know. Yukarim has been active on Twitter since August 23, 2007.

Zhanna Shamis (@Zhanna). Zhanna is a UI designer at Twitter, previously at Google.

As stated, this list is subject to revision but was considered accurate at the time of writing. I would certainly be delighted to receive communications from the employees detailed above. Please contact me on Twitter with provable corrections or additions.

Ideally, and at some stage in the future, I’d like to perhaps re-do this page in order of seniority, and/or by division, but apart from the big guys at the very top, it’s hard to get an accurate gauge on how the rest of the company ranks.

And if you want to work for Twitter yourself, they are always hiring.

UPDATE: Dave Winer was kind enough to link to this article on his web site, and has scripted an interesting aggregate where you can follow just the tweets of these folks at http://twitter.100twt.com/. Pretty cool.