Employee Tweets That Colleagues Should Skip Work To Play Golf… And Immediately Gets Canned

Twitter isn’t rocket science. Really. Anyone who claims to be a “Twitter expert” is likely just someone who uses common sense and who has spent some time fiddling with various Twitter tools. But it doesn’t even take an expert to see what a bad idea it is to tweet to your colleagues that they should skip out of work early for a round of golf.

If this were the 90s, I’d call this a “d’oh!” moment. Now, I guess it’s a facepalm.

An employee at Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. tweeted a suggestion that her colleagues go play some golf after leaving work at noon, on the official Twitter account for her employer. And, wait for it… she was their social media specialist.

Just goes to show, “expert”, “specialist” and “guru” don’t really mean anything unless you’ve got the common sense to back it up.

Here’s the tweet that she sent out:

“We start summer hours today. That means most of the staff leave at noon, many to hit the links. Do you observe summer hours? What do you do?”

That was on a Friday, and over the weekend she was given her severance papers.

The official word from the organization’s President and CEO is that employees are allowed to leave work early on Fridays in the summer, but only if they’ve clocked 40 hours already. And he pointed out that no one left early that Friday (I don’t blame them).

Via the Associated Press