Emily Kane: Digital Writer Spotlight

In the Figment writing community, author Emily Kane has earned 153 “wows” 289 “hearts,” and 145 comments for her dystopian novel, Thoughtful.

She’s also found hundreds of fans in the writing community, following this supportive model: “I read way more on figment then I write, and I’m always looking for something new to read!” Below, we’ve posted an excerpt from Thoughtful.

Welcome to eBookNewser’s Digital Writer Spotlight feature, recognizing established and emerging voices within writing communities.  We feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community writing sites–introducing readers to the world of socially networked fiction.  Check out our Best Online Fiction Writers directory for more reading.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Thoughtful.

In the movies, you wake up slowly. At first it’s just a finger twitch, or an eyelid flutter. You don’t usually wake up screaming.

She woke up screaming.

Instantly, people were on her. Someone was wiping her face and sweeping her hair out of her eyes. Another was forcing her hands flat onto the table she was lying on. Someone else was running a cloth along her limbs, and yet another was trying to talk her into silence.

“It’s going to be alright…”