Emerging top-grossing iOS Apps: Stardom, Smurfs, Snoopy and Valentine’s Day

This week’s top grossing app charts were dominated by old favorites that had shown plenty of strength before, with many games getting a boost from Valentines Day themed updates. The exception to the romantic trend was Intuit’s TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation, which rose to No. 1 on the iPad charts thanks to the significantly less exciting boost of tax season.

This week’s top grossing iPhone apps

[Update] DragonVale – Just one week after comparing the performance of Backflip Studio’s DragonVale to Temple Run as the two apps battled for the top spot, it seems DragonVale has pulled ahead, regaining the No. 1 spot as Temple Run slips to No. 3 on the top grossing charts. The game was last updated on Jan. 28 to add a Hibernation Cave, introduce a zoom feature and to roll out bug fixes.

[Update] Stardom: The A-List –  Glu Mobile’s newest game, Stardom: The A-List takes the No. 9 spot this week. The free-to-play game was massively updated on Feb. 1 to add Valentines Day themed items, gifts and quests, new outfits and to increase the maximum player level to 22.

[Update] Smurfs Village – Love is definitely in the air this week as developers seek to capitalize on the first holiday after Christmas. Capcom’s Beeline Interactive has rolled out a Valentines Day themed update to its hit game Smurfs Village, introducing new decorative items, Valentines Day cards that can be sent to friends and limited time quests. Smurfs Village is currently the No. 14 top grossing iPhone app.

[Update] Kingdoms at War – Moving down to the No. 33 spot, Vancouver’s A Thinking Ape’s biggest game, Kingdoms at War moves back up the top grossing charts thanks to a Jan. 27 update that added slot-based equipment to the game.

[Update] Dream Zoo – Zynga’s take on the popular zoo genre Dream Zoo hits a snag in the No. 44 spot this week. Although updated on Jan. 30 to add dinosaurs and the ability to customize the color of an animal, according the app’s description the update can make the game lag. Zynga has taken the unusual move of adding an addendum to the update notes that asks users to avoid updating the app to the latest version for now.

This week’s top grossing iPad apps

[Update] TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation – This week’s No. 1 iPad app breaks game trend and cashes in on income tax season. Intuit’s TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation is free to download, but users must pay for every tax return filed with the app, starting at $29.99 for a federal tax return and $36.99 for a state tax return.

[Update] Poker by Zynga – Moving all the way down to the No. 18 spot we have Zynga’s second appearance thanks to Poker by Zynga. Updated on Jan. 17 to add achievements, the game is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app chip purchases.

[Update] Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure – Russian developer Game Insight snags the No. 19 spot on the iPad top grossing charts this week with Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure. Updated on Jan. 20 to improve the game’s loading times and overall stability, the game is a hidden object game that advertises never-ending gameplay.

[Update] Where’s My Water – Disney Interactive continues to make good on its promise to roll out new content regularly to Where’s My Water with the game’s latest update, which introduced a new character called Cranky, an ill-tempered alligator that’s the polar opposite of the game’s main character, Swampy. Where’s My Water costs $0.99 and is currently the No. 26 top grossing iPad app.

[Update] Snoopy’s Street Fair – Beeline Interactive makes our iPad charts in the No. 44 position after rolling out a Valentines themed update to Snoopy’s Street Fair. Unlike the game’s Christmas update, which introduced new items that could only be bought with hard currency, this update has introduced a variety of new features using both soft and hard currency, including a jukebox that plays classic Peanuts music and has been much better received by the game’s users.