Emerging Apps on the iOS Top Grossing List: Fantasy, Killers & Golf Rise Up the Charts

To cover a wider range of new games and developers, we’re covering titles in their first appearance at the top of the iOS charts. The top grossing apps list held more free games than normal this week, with two free-to-play titles that have an in-app purchase for the full game after a short demo. It’s a choice that is becoming more common with developers, despite the unpopularity of it with users who download the app in expectation of a full game.

New Top Titles Within iPhone Top Grossing Apps List

Final Fantasy III — After making it into this week’s top paid app list, the Final Fantasy III port to iPhone has also made its way onto the top grossing app list as well at #5. Developed by Japanese console developer Square Enix, the original game was released back in 1990 and re-released in 3D in 2006. This new iPhone rendition was released March 16th and currently runs at a pricey $15.99.

Contract Killer — The folks over at Glu Mobile have a new (March 24th) free game by the name of Contract Killer, where players take on the role of a hired sniper, and it’s already at #22. Monetized through in-app, virtual currency purchases, the game’s design is reminiscent of social games in that actions consume slowly recharging energy, coaxing players that wish to play more to buy currency. Glu Mobile is a publicly traded San Francisco mobile games developer founded in 2001 and with multiple international offices.

Haunted Manor ~ Lord of Mirrors — Free to download, Haunted Manor ~ Lord of Mirrors is a puzzle-adventure game that monetizes itself through an in-app unlock purchase for the full game. Developed by Big Fish Games, players must explore an haunted mansion and uncover the mystery of its abandonment. Big Fish Games is a larger casual games developer with offices based in Seattle, Vancouver, and Cork, Ireland, that is looking to focus more on the mobile space. The game is currently #27 on the top grossing iPad list and it’s in-app unlock is 40% off at $2.99. It was released March 24th.

Tiger Woods: My Swing — In at #34 is the $9.99 application from Shotzoom SoftwareTigerWoods: My Swing. Released March 23rd, the app allows users to practice their golf swing via a video analysis and instruction from Tiger Woods, comparing their swings with his. As for Shotzoom themselves, they are a young outfit from Arizona, founded in 2007, that focuses on mobile apps for active lifestyles such as golf and baseball.

Eternal Legacy — Though it is technically not a “new” title, we wanted to include Eternal Legacy from Gameloft. Currently, the Final Fantasy’esque role-playing game is #44 having moved up the charts, due to being sold for $0.99, and despite being released back in December (the 8th). However, the game is back to $4.99. Gameloft is one of the larger developers and publishers in the mobile space. Established in 1999, the international company also has titles on many of the core consoles as well.

Minute To Win It — Released March 16th is Minute To Win It at #46. Developed by Capcom Mobile, the $1.99 app is based off of the NBC game show of the same name, tasking players to compete in simplistic mini-games that utilize everyday household objects in a unique fashion. Capcom Mobile is a smaller part of the 30-year-old, Japanese game development veteran, Capcom.

New Top Titles Within iPad Top Grossing Apps List

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery — The highly stylized adventure game of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery recently found its way on the top paid iPad charts, and now the $4.99 game is #11 on the top grossing iPad charts. Developed by Capybara Games, a small, yet award-winning, Toronto-based indie group, the game features the step-by-step adventure of an unnamed monk on a “woeful errand” with a design emphasis on the audiovisual. In our review, we found it to be a very high quality game. It was released March 24th.